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Vale Stan Hayles

Dear Veteran Cricketers,

Winning Division 2 SAVCA O60's Team - Melbourne 2008

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Stan Hayles. According to our immediate Past President, Chris Tobin, Stan was the rock on which Veterans Cricket was built. He was our second Life Member, achieving the award in 2014. All who knew him remember his gracious and generous qualities. He was a true gentleman, with a fine sense of humour, who offered a huge amount to Veterans Cricket. Stan was our Cricket Director from 2007 to 2010, the first formal organiser of Veterans Cricket. He was an extremely enthusiastic and hard worker with meticulous attention to detail. Chris perhaps best summarises his contribution by stating: "Stan was generous and always putting in to help others. We were the beneficiaries of the care and effort that Stan always made to make practices and matches enjoyable and easy to participate in. Stan chased up bats for the players, followed through on the purchasing of balls, provided the red drinking shirt that he so proudly wore, and put a program in place so that we could prepare for the Nationals as well as enjoy challenging matches and competition for the whole of the season. His contribution cannot be measured, and he performed all those activities with a ready smile and a wonderful sense of humour." Stan was a great all-rounder who bowled a quick ball off a short run-up and batted with skill. Playing with the Veterans brought him great joy. Earlier in his career, he played cricket for Prospect and Football for North Adelaide. Our Association has been enriched in many ways by the wonderful and diverse contribution Stan made. We offer our best regards and condolences to Annabel, his daughter, and all the Hayles family. Dixie.

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