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Playing Veterans Cricket

Currently, under the stewardship of Veterans Cricket Australia we run three competitions. In order to play you need to meet the age qualification, either have attained the appropriate age or expecting to in the forthcoming season.

Over 50s

Each alternate Sunday the O50's 40 over competition is played on turf wickets with teams representing Adelaide University CC, Brighton CC, Grange CC, East Torrens Reds (Salties), Goodwood CC, Hills Fleurieu CC, Riverland Sunraysia CC, Kensington CC, Athelstone CC, Brahma Lodge CC, Barossa and Adelaide CC (Ezys)

There are currently 2 Divisions and both divisions compete for the right to play in their own grand final.

Over 60s

Our Sunday Summer 40 over turf competition comprises nine teams from six clubs – Hills Fleurieu, Goodwood Eastern Ranges, Kilburn Devils, Eastern Reds, Grange Dolphins, The Homeless Devils, Woodville South and Adelaide Uni Blacks.

Teams compete for the prestigious Tanner Shield

There is a second division competition in the second half of the season.

To be eligible you must have turned 60 or are turning 60 in the season in which you are playing.

Over 70s

Our over 70s competition is played on Tuesdays. The competition consists of five teams, Homeless Devils, Eastern Reds, Goodwood Eastern Ranges, Hills Fleurieu side and a combined Grange University side.

Matches are  35 overs with an emphasis on participation. Batters are limited to 30 balls and bowlers to six overs.

There is no competition ladder nor a final series.

Representative Matches

A highlight of every season is participating in the annual national championships, which are held on rotation in different states each year. SAVCA generally nominates multiple teams to play in different divisions of these championships. Our Divsion 1 Over 50s team is the current national champion and the over 60s were only recently dethroned as national champions.

These ’Nationals’ run for a week with teams competing from Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and New Zealand.

In addition we play matches against other state-based teams in a Mildura carnival, a carnival at Echuca, run by Veterans Cricket Victoria and the Border Cup in our South East.

An annual match against Victoria is played either at home or away.

Women's Cricket

At present SAVCA does not have a woman's competition. We are currently working on a strategy to encourage more women to join us and launch a woman's competition as soon as practicable.

A major step in this strategy is our state hosting the women's Over 40 and 50 National carnival in Adelaide in October 2024.

Full details of this carnival can be found here.

New Players

New players are welcome at all times. A list of club contacts can be found on our contacts page.

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