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Governance & Committee

SAVCA is an incorporated association under South Australian Law. The association is managed by a committee of volunteers elected at the annual general meeting held in July each year.

The committee consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Cricket  and 2 members elected by the AGM to represent each of the competition cohorts, Over 50s, Over 60s and Over 70s.

The committee meets monthly, usually on the third Monday of the month.


Christopher (Dixie) Daw


0421 059 456

Bill Kidd


0424 151 951

Tim Pellen

Over 60s Representative

0422 502 016

Peter Howland

Over 70s Representative

0408 857 585

Rob Hannan

Vice President

0418 830 707

John Rankin

Over 50s Representative

0400 823 434

Frank Sergi

Over 60s Representative

0414 939 211

Stephen Brown

Cricket Coordinator

0409 090 589

Iain Campbell


0430 373 017

Colin Petersen

Over 50s Representative

0403 333 003

Richard Lower

Over 70s Representative

0419 838 646


The Annual General Meeting is held in June following the audit of the finances. The committee and executive positions are for two years and are rotated so that there is a continuity of occupancy. The bi-annual rotation of these Committee Members is such that the President and Treasurer are elected in an odd numbered year and the Vice President, Secretary and Cricket Coordinator in an even numbered year.

A notification of the AGM is made available to members 21 days in advance of the meeting.

Minutes of the previous AGM can be found by clicking the button below.

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