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The Women are Coming

Updated: Jun 28

In October this year, some of Australia's best female cricketers will descend on Adelaide for the 2024 VCA Women's Over-40’s National Cricket Championships.

This will be the 3rd VCA Women's Championship. The first was held in Barwon, Geelong in 2022, then Wollongong in 2023. We are excited to be hosting this event in South Australia for the first time.

This year we expect to have 3 divisions with a combined total of up to 20 teams from South Australia/Northern Territory, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, and Western Australia. The championship will feature several retired and former Australian and State representatives.

Team Nominations close on 30th June 2024.

The tournament is not just about competitive cricket but also about camaraderie and sportsmanship. It is a platform that showcases the enduring passion and skill of women athletes who continue to excel and inspire beyond the age of 40.

These championships will be organised by the newly formed SAVCA Women’s Committee -  

Dixie Daw – SAVCA President

Iain Campbell – SAVCA Secretary

Bill Kidd – SAVCA Treasurer

Jo Posgate – Tournament Co-Chair

Glenni Gabb – Tournament Co-Chair

Heather Westwood, Lynley Ingerson, Kylie Holbrook, Stephen Brown and Tim Pellen

There is alot of work to do in a short amount of time...any help would be appreciated.

We will post updates on this website leading up to the tournament.

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