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SAVCA Gear for Sale

Dear SAVCA Members,

In preparation for next season, and in particular the National Championships, now is the time to order your playing and training clothing. SAVCA will be working with Nelson Teamwear again this season. They will provide the appropriate clothing for the Over 40s, 50, 55s, 60s and 70s Men's and for the Women's teams. Nelsons will custom manufacture all our apparel for playing, training and casual wear. You will need to order it some time in the next thirty days. As it will be custom made, there will be none available after that time. None will be kept on shelves. It will all be specifically manufactured and delivered to those who ordered it. So please don't miss out. Please order from the following portal

New items such as Tee-Shirts, Hoodies, both playing and training /casual Vests, Track Suits and even Beanies, are now available, as well as all you need to play in your National Championships. To procure your uniform:

  • Click on the link above

  • Select the apparel you require

  • If you want it delivered to your home, click on the postage option. Otherwise John Rankin, SAVCA's Comptroller of Stores, will arrange delivery to you.

  • Go to the checkout and make your payment.

  • Your clothes will be ready by the start of October.

Thank you to Ben Nelson and John Rankin for finalising these arrangements. Order your gear Now!

Cheers, Dixie.

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