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Rumbelow - SACA winning pedigree!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Andrew Rumbelow - A legend of the game in SACA premier cricket circles, who plays cricket for two reasons, to win and play with mates. A very competitive player, who always puts the team first, who loves batting and bowls very handy mediums. “Rumbles as he is known, will provide options for the Northern Explorers.

My Cricket Pathway:

  • Rumbles was born in 1963 in Crystal Brook, but he remembers playing his first proper game of cricket in 1974 in Streaky Bay. Luckily a couple of schoolteachers started up junior cricket in Streaky Bay with 3 teams who played 2 then a bye. 20 x 8 ball overs. He continued playing for the Streaky Bay colts & A Grade until 1980.

  • In season 1979, Rumbles played at East Torrens until 1982 and also played school cricket at Prince Alfred College.

  • The partnership with the Kensington Cricket Club began in 1982 and he is still playing with the LOA’s in the Adelaide Turf Cricket Association.

  • In 1988 Rumbles spent a season at Water Orton in the Central League in the United Kingdom, every cricketers dream!

  • Rumbles spent a number of seasons at St Peters from 2004 – 2006. This season will see Rumbles lead the Kensington Grey Browns in the SAVCA.

  • Rumbles loves family time, walking through the many Morialta trails in the Adelaide Hills & watching elite sport. He is currently employed in the Federal Government performing an administration role.

My Greatest Cricket Achievements:

  • Represented South Australia at Second XI state cricket.

South Australia 2nd XI - 1987

South Australia 2nd XI 1986 - dressed for the Dire Straits Concert at Football Park

  • Many of Rumbles’ achievements have been with his much loved Kensington Cricket Club. He has won 10 premierships as a player & 4 as a coach at the Browns across A Grade, 2 day & 1 day, B Grade, U/23, LOA’s.

Premiers - Kensington A Grade 1985-86

  • His highest score was 249 in a B grade game for Kensington, whilst his best bowling was 6/ in an A grade game.

Idols, Oval & Inspiration:

  • Rumbles has 3 things he loves, Cricket Golf & Aussie rules so it was a no brainer for him to nominate his idols growing up in Greg Chappell, Paul Bagshaw & Jack Nicklaus.

  • Having played cricket in the UK he has been lucky enough to play at some great venues. He played a number of games at Adelaide Oval, 1 at Edgbaston but his favourite is Parkinson Oval, Kensington.

Parkinson Oval Kensington

Best players

  • Having played against many cricket legends over the years in South Australia, David Hookes and Darren Lehmann were his most admired for their incredible skills, super competitive and an uncanny ability to read the game or moment.

  • While Tim May was a superb off spinner who gave it a big rip. Tim was just a funny bloke, a prankster and quick wit and still stays in touch via the Kensington Old Fellas Facebook page.

Tim May realised the hard way that some appeals result in a different “out”

  • Rumbles was lucky enough to have played with Kevin Wright at Kensington who was a test keeper, but the best hands and most skilled in my opinion was John Palmer.

“ I have enjoyed playing against some quality quicks and tough to pick one as a standout. Rodney Hogg, Wayne Prior, Shane George & Jason Gillespie, Mark Harrity were all quick and a bit nasty at times but great to have a drink with after a game.” Laughed Andrew.

  • The best skipper who I have learnt so much from was clearly John Inverarity – was a very wise and had so much knowledgeable about the game. He was always calm, but also highly competitive.

Personalities in Cricket

  • In my first game in Adelaide for East Torrens in 1979, it was a B Grade at Flinders University. Two old bull captains (Wayne Bevan East Torrens & Rick Drewer Flinders University) going at each other big time for quite a while… the point where Rick who was batting dropped his dacks to his knees and turned with his back to Wayne at 1st slip, bent over and gave him a good old brown eye. Certainly not what I had experienced at Streaky Bay!

“In another game when we played David Hookes. Hooksy got sick of facing negative spin bowling (wide outside off from a left arm orthodox bowler) so he started drop kicking off his left leg (middle of his pad) over mid offs head. 3 in a row. Gold!” said Rumbles

Golf, Red wine & a chat:

  • Rumbles could not think of 3 better personalities to spend a round of golf, red wine & a chat! They would be Jack Nicklaus, Roger Federer, Mick Fanning, all who seem to be incredibly modest, very respectful of their sport and their opponents as well as good blokes.

SAVCA & Veterans Cricket & Why

  • Rumbles played just 2 games of over 50’s last year with the Yorke Peninsula Salties and loved it. He will play with the Northern Explorers in the SPL & Kensington in the SAVCA competition to continued enjoyment & meeting new blokes and catching up with a few past team mates and opponents….and having a beer and a few laughs after the game.

Kensington Bowns Old Fella's

LOA's 2020-21 Season

“I’m really looking forward to the SPL and also leading the Kensington CC in our inaugural year.” commented Rumbelow.

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