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Leo “Panz” Panzarino - "My skill set, I do a bit of both – Bat a little and bowl a little, nothing special just consistent and honest as a player. “ I can give you a list as long as my arm of my weaknesses!!!! But I think with age you become smarter with your own game and smarter with the opposition.” quipped Panz.

Leo is the Executive Officer of the Sports Association for Adelaide Schools. A brilliant sports administrator and oversees the school sports programs for a number of schools, no plug needed as they don’t sell anything.

My Cricket Pathway:

Was born in 1971 and played his first game of cricket in Grade 4 in the Primary school side – only made a couple of runs, No wickets. Had no idea about the game, the rules tactics or skill. He is now one of the students of the game playing important roles at Adelaide University in opposition player analysis.

  • Played grade cricket at Prospect CC,

  • Super League Indoor cricket – Windsor Gardens,

  • Rostrevor CC

  • Walkerville CC

  • Currently captaining the AUCC over 50s Legend side.

  • Also coaching at Adelaide University Cricket Club

My Greatest Cricket Achievements:

  • SAVCA representative Team in 2021, a great honour to be selected and play with legends.

Silverbacks 3 in a Row against the Vics

Leo has played many great games across a long playing career but knocking off the Victorians earlier this year in Mildura is up there.

“It was my first Representative game, I got to play with a group of champion blokes and we won. I did enjoy that game.” Commented Leo.

  • 133 for Prospect CC is his highest score.

  • For a guy who bowls a bit 12/99 (7/49+5/50) for Walkerville A grade against Port Districts at Walkerville oval, winning the game outright and saved the clubs season.

Idols, Oval & Inspiration:

  • Growing up, I loved Allan Border, he was the rock of Australian cricket for so long against the Powerhouse West Indies. I loved his mental toughness.

  • While watching AB I had to admire Richie Benaud who leads the way with the Channel 9 commentary team of Bill, Tony, Cozier and Ian. Commentators with personality. Panz also really liked listening to the radio – the good commentators entertained and pained a story, Kerry O’Keefe, Blowfield, Jim Maxwell & Roebuck.

  • Having played at many great grounds throughout South Australia, Adelaide Uni Number 1 is a great ground, but Walkerville Oval will always be a very special place for me.

Best players

  • Darcy Wright was the best spin bowler seen although he wasn’t a big turner of the ball or the best spinner but a smart competitor. He deceived many a good batsman through bowling smart. Learnt lots from watching how he went about his game. While Mark Reid from Walkerville CC was the best keeper I have played with. He had quick, clean hands and a good sledge to match! He was a great tactician with setting fields and working out batsman.

“We combined for my many dismissals, he made me look good.” Laughed Panz

Many great memories at the Walkerville Oval

The best player & Skipper was by far Kym Reid, a legend of Walkerville CC, he would have loved playing in the 50s competition. At 55 he was still making 100s in A grade Adelaide Turf. A humble man with a good cricket brain and great captain.

Personalities in Cricket

Leo played for a period of time at Walkerville CC where I had a team of great blokes around him. We had Premiership success over a number of years and enjoyed each other’s company – lots of banter and on field/off Field stories. It was the best years of my time in the game of cricket. But nothing can beat any conversation with Dave Benson with on the same side or against or even having a beer after the game.

One sledge Leo does remember was by an opposing keeper after a lucky moment – he said Leo was kissed on the bum by a fairy.

Golf, Red wine & a chat:

Leo doesn’t think the modern age cricket players have any personality, but would love to play a round of golf with Ian Botham and Ian Chappell which could be quite interesting with Richie commentating the day. I love hearing old players talk about the game.

SAVCA & Veterans Cricket & Why

“The over 50s has provided me personally the opportunity to play cricket with blokes my age. My last game of ‘Proper’ cricket, I looked around the room at the end of the games play and saw a room full of kids; half of them couldn’t share a beer because they were either under age, didn’t drink or on their P plates. All my generation was gone.” Leo reflected

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