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Celebrate at Freeling

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Gentlemen of Veterans Cricket,

Last year, SAVCA held two x T20 cricket matches in honour of Stuart Shepley and Des

Fuss, two of its long term members who had sadly passed away. The matches were a huge

success, with over forty veteran cricketers enjoying the opportunity to play with and against

each other in an atmosphere full of comradeship.

Max Shepley, 7, Stuart’s grandson, tosses the coin at last years match at Freeling

Max batted and made 2 not out.

We intend to continue to honour all our members, both those who are no longer with us and those who are still thriving. Accordingly, we will play matches again this year and plan to

make this day an annual SAVCA tradition.

2 legends who will surely be part of Freeing

We will be celebrating the lives of our members and

the fact that as Veteran Cricketers we can still enjoy the mateship, the activity and the

competition provided by the game we all love.

So please join us. All are welcome and we hope that many players’ partners will come along

and enjoy the friendship, which the day offers.

Details of the day are:


  • Matches will be played on the turf wicket at the Freeling Recreation Park.

  • Freeling is about an hour north of Adelaide on the Thiele Highway, south of Kapunda.

Time and Dates:

  • The matches will begin around 10.00am on Sunday 27th February.

Who is eligible:

  • All current Veterans Cricketers are most welcome to play. If you wish to do so, please contact the Manager for this event, Kevin Shepley, by email at:


  • This will depend on the number who wish to play. Last year there were enough for two Twenty/20 matches, hence the early start. We will forward you more information once numbers are finalised.


  • Lunch will be provided for players and partners and the bar will be open.

This will be a great day, so send Kevin an email and be in it!

With best wishes,


Christopher Daw

0421 059 456

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