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Alan Favell - Part of SA Cricket Royalty

I was born in 1960 and played my junior cricket at Hectorville Primary School v Ashton Primary at Ashton in the Hills.

Must have been about 10…….didn’t make my age!

My Cricket Pathway:

  • Hectorville Primary

  • SA Under 12’s

  • Prince Alfred College

  • SA Under 19’s captain

  • East Torrens 1974 Under 17s for 3 years

  • East Torrens 1977 – 1986 1991 – 2012

  • Prospect 1987 – 1990

  • Eastern Zone Over 50’s 2017/18 – present

  • Adel Uni Over 60’s 2019/20 - present

My greatest cricketing achievements

  • A member of the South Australia Shield Team and was lucky enough to play on both the Adelaide Oval & Adelaide No.2 the old days.

  • I just Love the game, I love the team environment and I'm still extremely competitive.

  • Love batting…..didn’t do it for long enough though!

  • Love fielding … don’t understand if you don’t, because its such a big part of game and spend a lot of time doing it!


  • 142 in A Grade District Cricket

  • 171 in B Grade District Cricket

  • LBW for 99 at Woodville one day….the field was set back… everywhere…..and I missed the bloody thing.


  • Only took 7 A grade wickets in 20 years - but got a Test Player out!

  • Took 6/40 one day in B Grade!

What is your occupation and who do you work for – we will give them a plug

Financial Advisor and Associate Principal with Findex Group

Father - Les Favell

Best players & characters

The best fast bowler I played against was definitely Sam Parkinson - because that’s what he would want to me to say!

While I was fortunate enough to face Lance Gibbs in Dad’s Testimonial Game - he was over 50 at the time but still could bowl!

Being a South Australian I can't go past Ian Chappell as the most admired cricketer. He was so tenacious but a great character, while Bob Zadow was a deep thinker, very competitive, but a calming influence on his team and was by far the best skipper I played under.

Joe Scuderi was by far the funniest cricketer to be around - you never knew what he was going to say next and yes he represented Italy in cricket.

One summer in particular in the 1990’s with the likes of Hookes, Scuderi, Sincock, Bradbrook……there were so many laughs that year.

Andrew Sincock with a young Chad Sayers

Who are the three sports personalities from around the world you would like to share a round of golf and a red wine with & why?

Jack Nicklaus - Golfing history!

Lewis Hamilton - How can you drive that fast?

Ian Chappell - cricket stories!

You’re now playing over 50s cricket, what the best part of playing veterans cricket and what advice would you offer anyone over 50 who is thinking about playing or joining a team?

Playing cricket with your mates!

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