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AGM 2024

The SAVCA Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 27th May 2024 at the Arkaba Hotel. During the AGM, elections will be held for the positions of Vice-President, Secretary, Cricket Co-ordinator and O60's Age Division Representative (two positions). Nominees for these positions must be Playing Members of SAVCA (as defined by the Constitution) and Age-Division Representatives must additionally be eligible to play in the Age Division Competition they represent. All other Committee positions are half way through their two year tenure.

Nominations of candidates for any of the above positions should ideally be made in writing prior to the AGM, signed by two Playing Members and accompanied by the written consent of the nominee. Nominations should be emailed to the President ( or Secretary ( Nominations can also be made and seconded verbally and accepted with the verbal consent of the nominee during the Annual General Meeting.

Without the hard work of all members of the SAVCA Committee, veterans cricket simply would not exist, and SAVCA encourages all members to either nominate for one of the above-mentioned positions prior to the AGM or to be involved in sub-committees and project groups. 

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