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Veterans to Tour New Zealand

George Healey and Steve Bell are seeking expressions of interest from players and partners who may be interested in going on a cricket tour of New Zealand's South Island during March of 2022. "An Itinerary can be forwarded to you by contacting either George or Steve Bell"

SAVCA touring team of New Zealand - along with 2 composite teams from Wellington 2020.

After establishing sufficient cricket matches and putting together an Itinerary based around the scheduled cricket matches, we are now in a position to seek expressions of interest. Obviously, we have involved various cricketing people in New Zealand, and they are quite happy to host us and schedule our tour into their 2021/22 cricket program.

Some important points relating to our proposed tour include the following: -

The tour start date is 8th March 2022 arriving in Christchurch and flying home from Wellington on 26th March 2022 (19 days). A lot of discussion has gone into the tour dates and there is very little wriggle room for us to alter them. By all accounts our tour will either follow on or slightly overlap a Veterans Cricket Tour from NSW.

Unfortunately, due to the tight time constraint it will mean the people on our tour will miss the Echuca Carnival which is a pity but can't be helped on this occasion. Our tour will commence after the Tanner Shield has been completed.

At this stage we are interested in taking two (2) cricket sides, but this will be subject to the number of players interested and New Zealand teams being available. We have allowed for some rest days and several sightseeing options.

After experiencing a wonderful tour of the New Zealand's North Island the majority of this tour will be based in and around the South Island.

By indicating you may be interested in the tour doesn't mean you have to go, as it is still approximately 8 months away. A firm commitment from you will be needed once you are asked to pay a deposit.

As you may appreciate there is a reasonable amount of work that goes into organising any tour and at this stage based on 30 - 34 people the price will be AUD$3,970.00 slightly cheaper if more people would like to go. Additional cost for Single supplement is AUD$1,760.00. Note: Air fares are not included in the aforementioned price.

Approximate cost of air fares are: Adelaide via Melbourne - Christchurch return from Wellington via Melbourne to Adelaide $926.00.

Melbourne - Christchurch return from Wellington $687.00.

Please have your expression's of interest into either George or Steve by return email no later than Friday 30th July 2021.

If you require further information, please contact either:

Steve Bell 0423 352 777 or by email

George Healey 0409 695 529 or by email

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