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VALE Gavin Hogg

Dear Veteran Cricketers,

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of one of our greats, Gavin Hogg. He died peacefully in the presence of his family this morning.

Gavin had a massive impact on Veteran Cricketers over many years. He was a player who loved the game. He captained sides, mentoring his teammates and sharing his joy of playing games with them. He was a committee member and an administrator, who thought creatively and clearly about the game. He sponsored Veterans Cricket generously for a long time, giving great financial support to players, teams and associations alike.

Above all, Gavin was a true gentleman who cared about humankind. Sitting with him while watching a game, chatting with him and learning from him was always a privilege. He was a worldly counsellor who shared his wisdom in a caring and down-to-earth manner. His stories were always good to listen to as he was a humourous raconteur.

A highly skilled winemaker and extremely successful businessman, Gavin had struggled with his health for a long time. But he was inspirational in never giving up. He addressed meetings about men's health and well-being, supporting people who may be experiencing hard times. He even wrote an autobiography during his last couple of years.

All of us who knew Gavin have been incredibly fortunate to have played cricket with him, to have laughed with him and to have leant from him. We will miss him terribly. Our thoughts are with his family and with his friends in the South East.

To show our great respect for Gavin, I ask you all to share a minute of silence and wear black armbands at our matches this weekend.

Let us learn from Gavin's legacy, play our cricket with joy and treasure the real spirit of cricket.

With my best wishes to you all,


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