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Vale Alan Smith - A Cricketing Legend of Renmark

Alan Smith was born in Victoria but spent most of his life in the South Australian Riverland. Sadly, he passed away on Sunday 19 September well into his eighties.

Alan was a gentleman, a lovable, social fellow who welcomed people with open arms. His home was always a welcome place, with Alan and his wife, Davia hosting many happy events. He was widely known in his community, winning many awards for his work and charitable efforts. His great strength of character is shown by him being a recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia.

He was a popular Riverboat Captain, with his most famous passengers being Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Alan was a long time lover of cricket, having travelled the world following the game and playing the game all his life. He played for SAVCA in two National Championships and in a competition in Darwin. When SAVCA began visiting Renmark, it was Alan who did all the organising. He was a wonderful supporter and friend of SAVCA.

In recent times he played in a match that included his, son, grandson and great grandson, A massive event for a real family man.

Even though his health had not been good in recent years, he never lost that cheerful, welcoming smile.

SAVCA expresses their condolences to his family and their thanks to a great man who enriched the Association.

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