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Special General Meeting

In the past, SAVCA has held its Annual General Meeting just prior to the season commencement. Suggestions have been made that a better time would be sometime soon after the conclusion of the season. This would allow newly elected members of the Committee to help shape the coming season and to prepare for it in an improved manner. The Committee agrees with this principle, believing that it will allow for a more effective conducting of their business. Many Clubs already are holding their AGMs sometime in May. Our Constitution allows for an earlier AGM to be held.

A compulsory item of an AGM is to "present and adopt annual and financial reports". However, our Constitution states "The financial year of the Association shall be the period ending on 30 June in each year." Therefore the Committee is proposing an amendment to the Constitution changing the date to be "ending on 31 March." This is a sensible move, as the season has ended and the financial statement can be developed and audited for that season. The AGM can then be held in April or May.

Accordingly, a Special General Meeting will be held at the Arkaba Hotel on Monday 27th March beginning at 7.00 pm. The proposed amendment will be the sole item on the agenda. All clubs have one Delegate with voting rights at general meetings and all players may attend. Attendance and voting can be in person or electronically. A quorum is 10 Delegates.

If any Playing Member of SAVCA has any comments either pro or con, please forward them to me at I will collate them to provide information for all.

Clubs will need to appoint their Delegate specifically for this meeting and inform our Secretary, Iain Campbell, at of their name. Many thanks.

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