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Silverbacks Premier League is go!

The Silverbacks Premier League is Go, Go, Go, Go!!! Action-packed, quality O50's cricket right here in Adelaide.

Official Launch & Draft:

7.00 pm 19th August 2021 at the MTX Club, Adelaide Oval. A must-attend function with meals & drinks at bar prices.

The Format:

  • 4 Teams - The Crunchers, Stingers, Explorers & the Dolphins

  • 4 Games - 18th & 19th September, 17th October.

  • 40 Over games played on turf

  • The Final played under lights on 14th November 2021.

Total Cost per drafted player:


It covers cricket, balls, umpires & ground rental.


Must turn 50 in 2022 to be eligible for the draft.

For further information, don't hesitate to get in touch with Anthony Telfer

Register today for the draft at the below link:

Nominations close Friday 13th at 5.00 pm sharp.

For further information contact Anthony Telfer 0419 359 618

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