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Veterans Cricketers,

Our community is experiencing a significant increase in COVID 19 infection rates due to the Omicron variant. We cannot ignore it. At least one of our players has the virus and we all know of acquaintances who are suffering from it at the moment.

The Over 50s National Championships, which we are hosting, has been postponed for a second time, now hopefully to be held in November.

As a group of players and supporters, we have obligations to fulfil so that all of us and our families remain healthy. I ask you all to take responsibility personally for your safety and by doing so you will be caring for all those around you; your family, friends and teammates.

It is critical that all players, teams and clubs in our association comply with the community sport restrictions outlined below.

Community Sport Restrictions

· All attendees at sporting matches, trainings or events must “check in” using the QR Code (which must be displayed by the Club in a prominent location).

· Masks are required indoors and when physical distancing cannot be achieved.

· Each sporting match, training or event must have a COVID Marshal.

· Free online COVID Marshal training can be accessed here:

· Density requirements must be followed – refer to your COVID Safe Plan.

· No physical contact – no high fives or shaking hands.

· No sharing – It is strongly recommended against the sharing of cricket equipment and no sharing of food/drinks.

The SACA has detailed information on their website at

Please read through this so that you are fully aware of your responsibilities.

Let us work together to be safe in our cricketing community and by doing so we will be helping our loved ones remain healthy as well. Many thanks and cheers,


Christopher Daw

President SAVCA

0421 059 456

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