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National Championships

Nominations for this year's National Championships are still open. Most squads have adequate numbers, but the Over 55s and Over 65s still have a few vacancies. If you wish to play in those Championships then nominate now. You will almost certainly get a game. Details are below:

This year's National Championships are as follows:

  • Over 40s and 50s Women: Adelaide, 26th to 31st October

  • Over 40s Men: Perth, 24th to 29th November

  • Over 50s Men: Newcastle, 2nd to 7th November

  • Over 55s Men: Canberra, 30th November to 5th December

  • Over 60s Men: Brisbane, 10th to 15th November

  • Over 65s Men: Mackay, 29th September to 4th October

  • Over 70s Men: Dubbo, 20th to 26th November

Get your nomination in by midnight Sunday 30th June. Squads will be announced next week, so you will have time to order any required uniforms, training gear or casual wear through Nelsons' portal by June 23rd.

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