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Cheek by name - Cheeky by Nature

I was born in 1962 and I can remember primary school cricket. I can remember as a 9 year and my dad brought a couple of guys back to our home for tea and we went out the back and they bowled a few bowls to me and played some backyard cricket. They were Dayle and Richard Hadlee currently doing a tour against Australia!! Haha Richard said I had some talent hahaha

Dayle, Barry & Richard Hadlee

Cricket pathway:

  • Brompton in the Prospect cricket league from 17 until I was 21

  • Coromandel Cricket Club where I have now played 425 games

  • Brighton CC - O50's

I have always felt myself fortunate at being an allrounder, so I am lucky to get something to do each Saturday. In my day I opened the bowling and batted 4 or 5. Scaring the shit out of the batsmen when bowling but then with the bat being able to get on with the scoring and take the bowlers on. I was a hard hitting batsmen.

Club Record:

At our club I hold the record of hitting over 300 x 6’s and 1000 x 4’s. Only 1 other player in the 160 year history of the club has (well since stats have been kept from 1930’s) hit over 1000 x 4’s and no other player has yet hit 200 x 6’s for club. Funnily enough the next player to get 200 is likely to be my son, but he has a bit to go yet hahaha

Cricket Highlights:

  • I have twice hit 184 for Coro.

  • Best one was against Morphy Park when both our clubs were top of ladder in Sect 1

  • I took 6/29 and also happened to be my 300th wicket. We one by 1 run against Coromandel Ramblers our arch rivals from across the creek.

Weirdest Dismissal:

Only a couple of weeks ago I was playing a winter series and amazingly enough after full raining on the Saturday and Saturday night the ground at North Adelaide was amazingly in good nick. But I was having a good innings in a T20 and with only 3 overs and 1 ball left I could see the chances of a ton so last ball of innings I thought just drive it past the left hand side of the bowler and stumps for the single. So that I did hit it perfect to position and called the single. Well the ball just hit the grass and plugged in a tiny spot of mud. Bowler scampered across, stopped and looked at me running, with a smile on his face slowly took the bails off. aaarrgghh

Childhood hero's & inspiration:

  • My Childhood hero was Denis Lillee. Can remember Dad taking me to one of his mates place to watches the ashes on an actual TV!! I reckon it may have been 1972. In this test Lillee broke a stump when he bowled a fella and that seemed pretty awesome.

  • Henry Blofeld was a classic commentator. I remember many a night when there was an ashes tour on in England with the transistor radio positioned under my pillow listening to his every word. He loved telling us what cake he was eating between each delivery. I commentated at AO for a few years so I must be one of my favourites as well, along with the great Richie Benaud.

What are your hobbies?

SPORT and as much as I can get of it. 5 days a week I enjoy doing CrossFit, Monday play Volleyball, Fridays when I can I play Golf plus the odd Sunday. Then cricket in winter series and summer Saturday and Sunday.

What is your occupation and who do you work for

I am a financial planner of 30+ years and my company is called ODV Financial Services

Best players

Derek Bonner was the fastest bowler. I played with him mostly but then for a couple of years he defected and then played against him. Only bowler I had that he actually scared me in the nets. If he was bowling in those nets I tried to wait until he had a rest. Tall left armer. His son actually plays for Port Power now. While Mark Eglinton was the best spinner played with him a Coromandel. He could do what ever he liked with that ball. Outstanding, he could have played any grade of cricket

The legend Barry Kersley was the best keeper who still plays the odd game for Keswick and plays in the over 60’s comp. He was also a terrific batsmen but as a keeper he always stood up to the stumps, even against their fastest opening bowlers and was so quick of hand. If anything went down leg even you could not try to clip the ball down leg as if you missed it the bails were off.

A fella that plays and captains our C grade at the club now. Shane Myers. I have filled in a couple of time when not fully fit and the way he talks to player, encouraging and teaching is 2nd to none.

Personalities in cricket

So many, its very hard to choose one to be honest. Probably my son, he is terrific to play with and have been oh so fortunate to have played many an A grade game together. He always has team mates and opposition players in high spirits with his quick wit and silliness.

Nothing better than playing cricket with your boys

There was a visiting interstate side who came over to play some serious games with most players around the early 40’s some still playing and other recently retired. I opened the batting and their captain was giving his opening bowler a few encouraging words to start they play. Just before he started his first delivery my fellow opener was at non striking end and said to him at what paddock has he been grazing. He said “why dont you f#$%&#&ck off” and then started his run up. I reckon this fired him up as he bowled a short ball and I put it over the boundary on square and then the next ball I hit it straight over his head for 6. I then went on to get 5 6’s off the first 5 balls. With 1 ball to go, the captain came over to him again and whilst I didn’t hear the words he said I heard the bowler just yell “just f#$%&#&ck off, I am saying just f#$%&#&ck off, f#$%&#&ck off” and then he came into bowl. His last bowl I put over cow corner to a raw off laugher, most of it from all the fielders rolling on the ground laughing whilst the bowler just storms off to the fine leg boundary for a spell just yelling “f#$%&#&ck off the lot of you” Yes that still makes me laugh and we enjoyed a beer after and I still know the fella. Good times

The best sledge was from a guy I played with who was a very good bat, he never meant it to be as he just liked talking about himself but after he would hit a six or a lovely cover drive would turn to the keeper and then describe back to the keeper at how well he hit it and how he played the stroke. Opposition players hated him.

Great memories from cricket:

Winning a Bronze medal in the first Australian Masters Games that I played in. We were huge underdogs to even come close to taking out a medal and the final game had to win and get percentage up. The game was won and whilst most were off to pub or going home we stood under a balcony looking up to the adjudicator as he calculated the percentage and finalised the ladder. Must have take 20 mins as we looked up, he finally stood up and gave the thumbs up. Oh we went off as if we one a grand final. We won a few more since then but that Bronze sits the proudest in my office.

Next followed up by being captain of a state over 50’s side.

The greatest win is fresh in the mind in Mildura in the State O50's game in March this year against NSW. We needed 9 wickets to win while NSW only required 20 runs. New bowler (Mike Riley) on and he takes 8 for 9. Great moment.

Mike Riley 8-9 against NSW

Who are the three sports personalities from around the world you would like to share a round of golf and a red wine with & why? If they were relaxed and spent the time as best mates talking about whatever, Tiger Woods, Arnie Schwarzenegger and Jenifer Anniston (she must play some kind of sport doesn’t she?)

You’re now playing over 50s cricket, what the best part of playing veterans cricket and what advice would you offer anyone over 50 who is thinking about playing or joining a team?

Playing against and with like minded players who not only love playing cricket as if we were all young again but also just love playing against all the other fellas with great spirit

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