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South Australian Veterans Cricket Association


The South Australian Over 60s Cricket Association was initially established with SACA’s backing in January 2007 to cater for veteran cricketers wanting to continue playing in a friendly and competitive environment.

Since then, we have added an Over 50’s competition to complement our existing Over 60’s and 70’s program, playing under the umbrella of the SA Veterans Cricket Association (SAVCA). We now provide the structure, equipment and facilities for more than 120 players, so that anyone at all skill levels can continue playing in Over 50’s 60’s and 70’s matches.

Our association is run by a committee of volunteers and information about them and the administration of the association can be found here. The clubs take responsibility for providing home grounds, a drinks-after-the-game option and defibrillators (as required).

We umpire our own games, except, in some cases such as finals, and we adhere strictly to the spirit of cricket.

Generally we have a very good time.

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